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Journal Entry: Thu Feb 4, 2016, 5:02 PM

My friend crazyone59 tagged me so here we go


1.) Do not change any of the following questions

2.) Keep it appropriate, only mild cussing, sexual, gory, and violent content please. (I make no promises)

3.) Tag at least 5 people.

4.) Follow these rules

5.) Have fun! Fun is mandatory.

1.) First, show us your character's face. What does he/she look like and what is their name?

Aeon by Hordaks-Pupil

This is Aeon, the nephew of Clockwork from Danny Phantom

2.) Very nice, tell us about them! Their personality, dislikes?

He is very mischievous and likes to us his power to mess up the timeline (it was because of his meddling that England destroyed the Spanish Armada)

3.) Cool! Now if your character was going in a movie, what would he/she sound like? Like a voice actor or something.

I am not sure maybe Tara Strong

4.) Does he/she have any kids? And if so with who? And do they have a mate?

He's only a kid himself (about 200 years old) and doesn't think much about love

5.)Is he/she a virgin?

He is just a kid

6.) Does he/she believe in world peace?

He's more interested in having fun than world peace

7.) How did they come to be?

He's the son of Clockwork's brother Epoch and a Chronomagus in training

8.)How tall is he/she?

He's about 4'9"

9.) Is he/she capable of falling in love? If so, how would they react to it?

Yes but as a kid he doesn't think of such things. He also finds girls 'icky'

10.)Are they religious?

Not overtly. He does believe in the ancient ghosts who found the Ghost Zone

11.)What are their faults? All negatives.

He loves to create havoc through the timeline and watch the Observants freak out. (It was said that he gave General Lee bad directions and made him late for the battle of Gettysburg)

12.)What are their positives?

He is very intelligent and once dedicated to a subject will pour himself into it.

13.)Is he/she straight or other?


14.)Any regrets?

He regrets not having tripped up John Wilkes Booth on his way to shoot Lincoln

15.)One wish?

Seeing the Observants run around like a bunch of headless chickens

16.)If he/she has a crush, what do they like about the other?

He's only 200 years old and doesn't like girls

17.)If he/she had a soundtrack to describe them, what would it be?

18.)Does he/she have a rival of any kind? Like a childhood friend or something?

The Observants, they are ghosts who control time. They don't like him because A) he messes with the timeline and B) he's related to Clockwork

19.)Anything he/she wants to change?

He would like to control his powers better

20.) Has he/she went through any life changing events? How are they different now in the present then their past selves?

He's kind of responsible for the assassination of President Lincoln (he accidentally told Booth where to find Lincoln) and for Henry VIII breaking away from Catholicism (he stole the letter of annulment that would have allowed Henry to divorce his wife). Clockwork has explained to him why it was wrong to do these things and hopes that Aeon has learned his lesson.

21.) Last question, what is his/her favorite sound?

He said it was pretty funny what Pope Urban VIII said when told him what Galileo was up to :giggle:

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